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WordPress services

WordPress Website Development

We offer technical solutions based on the latest WordPress standards. WordPress website development compiles of WordPress engineering, core developments, themes, plugins and web solutions that will provide your business with high quality, reliable and modern website to engage your customers.

WordPress Plugin Development

We offer various WordPress Plugin developments based on the custom needs of your website, web platform features or digital business tools. Web plugins are constantly changing matter that need qualified expertise and persistent development updates. Our team has solution-based approach and we specialize both in developing plugins from scratch and building a modular infrastructure that will fit your needs.

WordPress Custom Solutions

We also specialize in designing custom WordPress themes, building custom WordPress plugins, E-Commerce and API Programming. We bring your ideas to WordPress solutions.

WordPress Consultancy

Part of our job is to assure that all your ideas and goals are accomplished in the best way. We can find various solutions of your particular tasks, consult and assist your team, and support your web development.

Web development

eCommerce & Online Shops Development

We work with various WordPress eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce and Shopify. Our services include both developing online shops from scratch for your business needs and ready solutions integration. We follow the latest UX and design trends and assure easy, convenient and fast eCommerce solutions.

Custom Web Developments

We specialize in designing custom themes, building custom plugins, E-Commerce and API Programming solutions for web. We serve your needs and help to develop you ideas.

Web Apps

We develop various web applications, test and integrate them in the most appropriate way to your platform features. We write codes using different programming languages such as PHP, Python, node.js, Javascript, SASS.

Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, your web solutions have to be compatible with any devise your clients decide to use. All of our products and services are mobile and desktop responsive.

Web Communication Strategies

The communications strategies are designed to help your organization communicate effectively and meet core organizational objectives. We provide insights about defining the brand target group online, how to interact and engage with them in the most favorable way, and how to smartly leverage on the web opportunities for information spreading based on your target.

Digital Strategies

Brand Identity Building / Corporate Identity

We help in building uniqueness, differentiation and individuality of your brand. For recently established ventures, we offer help in shaping the outstanding strengths of the brand, its exclusivity and identity. For long established companies, we can help in re-branding, in empowering the brand, new markets reshaping and new communication setting.

Brand Performance Management

Based on the company’s objectives, dedication and product/service specifications, we build a tailored strategy for community growing, online reach expansion and brand performance.

Online Reputation & Webcare

We can do for you web monitoring and managing of the online presence of the company, taking care of its consistent and reliable appearance on the web space. Our efforts aim to eliminate lack of integrity and to build wholeness of your business presence.

Social Media Management

We provide insights about the specifications of each social media venue and consultancy over which social media best suits your campaign or company goals. We define and set a place where to grow your community and build your brand identity.

Content Marketing

Consultancy over the specific content your company can generate on the web space (social media and website) to show its strengths, to encourage interaction and to keep viral and vivid presence online. Content strategies can vary depending on the set goals, campaign specifics, company communication strategy and sought image building.

Digital Communication Consultancy

We provide general consultancy over new media initiatives, digital campaigns, web advertising and customers’ engagement.


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